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Responsive Design

Responsive Design is the buzzword of the moment for websites that scale and degrade gracefully across a range of devices from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

My website is now responsive. I can’t claim any great technical credit for it though. I simply upgraded WordPress to the latest version 3.6 and derived a child theme from the new default ‘twentythirteen’ theme.

This seems to work OK and provides a good foundation for making my other websites responsive.

WordPress Permalinks

I just moved this website from its former location at CrystalTech in the USA onto my dedicated server in the UK.

The move was made for two reasons, firstly it seems a bit silly paying for hosting when I have my own server.

Secondly, the site is built using WordPress and I wanted to turn on permalinks so that my pages have friendly URLs like instead of

My server is Windows 2008 running IIS7. Getting permalinks running on a Windows server with an earlier specification is somewhat, er, challenging and I’ve never managed it successfully. With IIS7 it’s dead simple – you just need to make sure you have the ‘URL Rewrite Module’ installed in IIS (it was already installed on my server) and then add a Web.Config file to the root of your website.

It’s all detailed here:

The old server is dead! Long live the new server!

I finally switched off my old CrystalTech dedicated server today. It’s now around 5 years old so it had to go.

Everything is now on my new server at Dedipower in the UK. It took around 3 months (as predicted) to gradually transfer everything over.

Next time I think I’ll try to find some faster means of upgrading the server. Maybe just see if it’s possible to clone the whole disk and move it into newer hardware.